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Supporting Dr. Tom Catena

In 1999, Dr. Tom Catena began a year-long volunteer commitment with Catholic Medical Mission Board and departed for Mutoma Hospital in Kenya.

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Now, 14 years later, his year-long commitment has turned into more than a decade of serving those who truly need it most.

Dr. Tom’s faith and dedication have led him throughout Africa into situations that are not always easy, and are often dangerous. But regardless of the discomforts or dangers he may face, Dr. Tom has chosen to continue serving the poor through CMMB.

“I had always wanted to do some type of mission work where I could put my faith in action,” Dr. Tom says. “I just wanted to be in a position where I could be of service to others.”

His service has perhaps never been as needed as it is today, as he works tirelessly at Mother of Mercy Hospital in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. Dr. Tom remained in service to Mother of Mercy during the civil war, and he remains there today – the only doctor in the entire hospital, the only hospital for hundreds of miles. When asked why he chose to remain there, despite the dangers, this was his reply:

“I've been in Sudan for a little over 4 years, and my decision to stay here was a simple one.  As the only doctor at the only major hospital in the Nuba Mountains I could not leave in good conscience.  Also as a lay missionary, I felt it was very important to show the presence of the church in this time of need - that the church does not abandon her people when a crisis arises.  This experience has helped to strengthen my faith as we’ve had many examples of God's grace working through us…”

Together, we can ensure Dr. Tom has what he needs to do his best for the people he serves.

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