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Health Care Programs


Health Systems Strengthening

CMMB’s work is guided by international health realities. Our objective is to develop sustainable local capacity to address major health care needs and build strong systems. We accomplish this through the design and implementation of high-quality, evidence-based programs, directed by the following goals: Increase Access to Health Services, Strengthen Human Resources, Build Supply Chain Capacity, Develop Strong Financial Systems, Support Program Monitoring Systems & Key Research, Increase Ability of Local Leadership. 

Thematic Areas

CMMB has been a leader among faith-based organizations in the field of HIV/AIDS for over a decade. We provide technical assistance to public and private health facilities where HIV-positive clients receive ART, adherence support, and clinical care services. CMMB’s care and support programs provide clinical-to-community linkages by ensuring that those enrolled in treatment receive supportive services including orphan care, opportunistic infection management, psychosocial and nutritional support. CMMB provided ART, care, or support to nearly 40,000 people affected by HIV/AIDS in 2012.  We also provided HIV counseling and testing services to 174,554 people in 2012.

CMMB is developing and implementing  innovations in the fight against HIV transmission. Our groundbreaking Men Taking Action™ (MTA) program targeted men with HIV prevention messages using a family-centered approach. In South Africa and Zambia, CMMB used home-based counseling and testing to reach men and their families with HIV services, which emphasize the importance of antenatal attendance and family-centered health care.    

CMMB is committed to community-centered approaches to HIV prevention. We partnered with the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines to ensure that various Catholic institutions, including schools and churches, are equipped with educational HIV resources. CMMB also partnered with Caritas in Vietnam to build healthy relationships and behaviors among Catholic youth in the community. We often rely on partnerships with local CBOs to encourage individuals and families to uptake services. For example, effective community mobilization models allowed CMMB to bring medical male circumcision services to more than 5,958 men in 2012.

CMMB implements cost-effective and high-impact HIV interventions, including the protection of children from HIV infection. In order to prevent mothers from passing HIV to their unborn children, CMMB provides HIV testing and transmission prevention services to pregnant women. In 2012, CMMB worked with our partners to provide services to 3,600 pregnant mothers. CMMB-sponsored peer mentors use education and empowerment to combat stigma within families and communities, support a mother’s adherence to medical treatment, and reduce the likelihood of children becoming AIDS orphans.

Maternal and Child Health
CMMB strives to provide a woman and girl-centered approach to health. On a practical level, this translates into programs that address gender norms, barriers to services and larger socioeconomic factors inhibiting their health. CMMB programs therefore make deliberate efforts to include the needs, opinions and unique talents of women. CMMB also views men as partners rather than impediments in the effort to improve women’s health, reflecting recent research that demonstrates this is a more effective strategy to address gender-based health programs.

Prevention of gender-based violence and protection of children are central tenants to CMMB’s commitment to the health of women and children. In the refugee camps of South Sudan, CMMB is building on groundbreaking HIV/AIDS work in the Western Equatoria State by opening the first PMTCT clinics and training midwives in PMTCT protocols in camps for internally displaced persons and refugee in Ezo County. Recognizing the serious gaps in care for the communities residing in the camps, CMMB provides psychosocial support for children and survivors of gender-based violence. Our Men Taking Action (MTA) program is taking strides towards eliminating both HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence in communities in Zambia. Because of the program’s emphasis on gender equality and reducing gender-based violence, 98 percent of women whose partners participated in MTA reported a reduction in violent episodes in their homes.

In 2012, we reached 20,000 young children and 5,000 pregnant women with primary healthcare services, which is essential to a high quality of life and the start of a healthy future for both mother and child. We launched a training program for nurses and midwives that aims to reduce infant deaths from neonatal asphyxia. Health care workers are trained in protocols of neonatal resuscitation using the latest technology and evidence-based methods available. More than 100 health workers and birth attendants were trained in the curriculum and equipped with life-saving devices. 

CMMB’s malaria prevention programs in Zambia and Haiti promote the use of insecticide-treated nets, train health care workers, and supply medicines to reduce disease and death from malaria, especially in pregnant women and children. In 2012, CMMB provided Malaria prevention training to 75,825 people.

Chronic Illness and Disability
Chronic illness and disability are increasingly becoming serious concerns in the developing world. CMMB’s programs identify country-specific areas of focus and implement targeted interventions to reach the people most in need.

In order to address the rising numbers of cervical cancer cases caused by viral infection, CMMB has pursued a new cervical cancer prevention program that leverages gift-in-kind donations of a cervical cancer vaccine. In 2012, along with our in-country partners, CMMB helped distribute vaccinations to more than 22,000 ten and eleven year-old girls in Honduras. CMMB plans to expand this cancer prevention program to reach Ghanaian girls as part of its strategic focus on addressing chronic diseases in developing countries. 

Following the 2010 earthquake that devastated many communities in Haiti, CMMB was a founding member of the Haiti Amputee Coalition. The program has reached and supported more than 1,200 patients since 2010. CMMB continues to serve Haiti’s amputees, having fit 177 new patients with high-quality prosthetics in 2012.

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